In this days uncertain economy, we all need to generate a little more income than our regular job can provide. Many people including my wife and I are making our living with a home based business. Okay that said, your thinking I don't know how to start a business and what about the startup costs and the risks? This is where 95% of all home business seekers fail and end up more frustrated and broke than when they started.

I would like to offer some free advice to anyone looking into starting a home business. Don't just jump in and follow the advice of your up line and sponsor to get started! First off, you won't need their "help" if you educate your self before you jump in on an opportunity. You need to start out by educating yourself on marketing.

 I can offer you a free video series to get you started to signup for instant access to these powerful videos simply

The Violet Company was founded by Rev. Joseph Violet and his wife Tracy Violet of New England. The Violet's have been proprietor's of many successful business over the years, the first business Joseph stared was a used book company called Books Are Us at the age of 10 years old. Next while still in high school Joseph opened a retail computer and technology store that was named Advanced Computer Solutions, nether of these business had a website because they were launched before the internet age.

Today The Violet's main goal is to spread the message of hope and healing through a relationship with Jesus Christ. All glory and praise goes to our savior.

We promote a biblical and financial coaching program through a free book offered on this site, just click on the link at the top called for Christians to request it.

Our other services include a mortgage payoff program called the the Money Merge Account or MMA by United First Financial. We promote a program called Water4Gas that allows you to double your gas mileage by retrofitting your auto's air intake to burn hydrogen and oxygen.

Our most popular product for people who are interested in starting a home business, but don't have much money to start is The 3 Cash Machine system. It is totally FREE to join and it takes about an hour to setup, then the ball is in motion for you to make a sizable income from home in as little as 1 hour a day to work the system. Click the link and see what it's all about. You will start to make money the very first week you join!

Please remember to put God first in your life, and never expect to get more than you give. That is true of all situations in life. As you sow, so shall you reap, make sure you sow quality seeds and you will reap abundance in your life.

If you want to know more about how to begin a relationship with Jesus Christ, call 1 (888) NEED HIM    God Bless You All...

Joseph & Tracy Violet
The History of Our Company